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Apron Coffee with black
Apron Coffee with black
Apron Coffee with black

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Apron Coffee with black
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Brown leather apron with black leather applications and blacksmithing

Ideal for barbecues, bartenders or gastronomic activities.

Made of 100% genuine full grain cowhide and a wax and aniline-based finish that maintains vibrancy and adds character over time. years. It has bags and compartments to store and load various kitchen utensils.

- 100% genuine full grain cowhide in a soft but strong and thick waxed finish.

- Adjustable cross strap on the back for all types of complexions.

- Multiple compartments for all types of utensils.

- Seams and bags reinforced with bronze clasps.

It is recommended that your fur item does not get wet, in case it happens, you need to towel dry it evenly and completely. Stains or dirt should be cleaned by rubbing with a damp cloth (not wet) Over the years and use, this article may require some conditioning, for which we recommend using natural oils or creams, where you must first do a small application test, since these materials can darken the original color of the article, so you proceed with caution.

LOX brand products are made from 100% natural leather, and are produced with the highest quality standards and care for the environment, since all our leathers are purchased from certified environmentally friendly tanneries.

Each leather article will be personalized and made of very particular characteristics according to its use and the passage of time, acquiring a unique and irreplaceable identity.

Leather has become the language of elegance.
Elegance is a matter of time, precision and to be more precise, elegance is the result of a perfect symphony, between knowledge and passion.

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